Comments of Adderal Users
Comments of Adderal Users
If one or more of the side effects occur after taking the medicine, use should be discontinued and a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

1. What are the Comments of Adderal Users?

Comments of Adderal users are asked by people who have experienced using this drug before. However, since each drug is prescribed specifically for each individual, people with health problems should first go to the doctor and be examined.

From now on, if your doctor has prescribed Dideral for you, this medicine should be taken as your doctor tells you. Medicine should never be used unconsciously.

What are the Comments of Adderal Users?

There are many people who have used the drug Dideral so far, and they can express their experiences in comments. Comments of those who use Adderal are included in this article. However, when reading them, one should always evaluate them correctly.

"Since I started using Adderal, my migraine attacks have decreased. While I used to suffer from pain a few times a week, now I have a migraine once a month or less."

"At first, when I took Dideral, I felt its side effects, but as my body got used to the medicine, these side effects disappeared. I am much more comfortable now."

"Thanks to Adderal, my anxiety during exam periods is under control. My heart palpitations and hand tremors have decreased significantly."

"I don't think Adderal is suitable for me, because I have seen side effects such as nausea. I will talk to my doctor and ask for an alternative medication."

"I use Dideral for my heart palpitations problem and I am very satisfied. I feel calmer."

3. What is Adderal Pill good for?

What is Adderal Pill good for?

What is the Dideral pill good for? The drug, which is taken orally, belongs to the drug class called beta-blockers. It shows its effect by stopping the effects of some naturally occurring chemicals in the body that affect the heart and blood vessels. This effect causes the heart rate to decrease, the strain on the heart to decrease and the blood pressure to decrease. What is the Dideral pill good for? It is generally used in the following situations:

Control of high blood pressure without pre-existing kidney disease or due to no known cause and high blood pressure due to kidney disease

Treating chest pain caused by narrowing/blockage of the vessels feeding the heart

Protection from migraine

Aimed at controlling most heart rhythm disorders

Long-term protection after acute heart attack

In addition, it also has different areas of use. For example, the Dideral pill is also used to control excessive anxiety and acceleration of heart rate due to anxiety.

This drug is a medicine whose active ingredient is propanolol HCl 40 mg. Excipients are:

  • mannitol
  • Alginic Acid
  • Gelatine
  • Ponceau 4-R
  • magnesium stearate
  • Stearic acid
  • Like this.

What Are the Side Effects of Adderal?

As is known, every drug has a side effect. Adderal side effects are also included in the package insert information. In general terms, these are

Skin bruising and nosebleeds due to thrombocytopenia

Worsening of heart failure, low blood pressure/faintness on standing up, worsening of intermittent claudication, worsening of cardiac arrhythmia

  • Dry eyes and visual disturbances
  • Hallucinations, emotional changes, tingling, psychoses, dizziness and memory loss
  • Changes in khan oils
  • Seizures due to low sugar levels
  • Shortness of breath
  • eye inflammation
  • Joint pain

In addition to all these, Didera side effects are available in different ways, according to the package insert information. In this regard, as with all drugs, it should not be used unconsciously. If one or more of the side effects occur after taking the medicine, use should be discontinued and a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

People should also know how to store this medicine correctly. According to the prospectus information, it should be kept in a place out of sight and reach of children. It should be protected in its packaging and at room temperature of 25 degrees. Additionally, like all medicines, there is an expiration date.

If you notice that this has passed, Dideral tablets should not be used. Finally, as with all medications, it should be taken under the supervision and prescription of a doctor.


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