Nurse Salaries in Germany?
Nurse Salaries in Germany?
When nurses plan to continue their careers in Western European countries such as Germany or Switzerland, they are also required to receive language training until the equivalence process is completed.

Those who want to direct their career as a nurse can ask what the salaries of nurses are like in different countries. Germany nurse salaries are also one of the questions asked in this context.

In general terms, it can be seen that the monthly salary of an average nurse will vary between 3000 and 4500 euros.

As we mentioned, the Germany nurse salary in 2023 may vary between 3000-4500 euros, and there are different factors affecting this. In general terms, working hours, night shifts may vary depending on experience, education and institution.

2. Nurse Salary in Germany 2023

Nurse Salary in Germany 2023

Germany Nurse Recruitment Application Conditions

Recruitment of nurses in Germany is especially asked by people aiming for a career here. It is important to learn about the steps to follow in order to work as a nurse in Germany. In order to practice the nursing profession in Germany, it is necessary to meet some initial requirements.

Application requirements for those who want to go to Germany to work as a nurse are generally:

  • Nursing diploma or equivalent health education credential.
  • Professional experience (usually at least 2 years).
  • Knowledge of the German language (B1 or B2 level certificate, may vary depending on employer).
  • Certificate of fitness in terms of health and personality.
  • Adequate professional liability insurance.
  • Certification of professional recognition or equivalence in Germany.
  • Other official documents required for visa and work permit.
  • To pass the qualification exams required for professional practice abroad.

First of all, you must be able to speak German effectively. Since nursing is considered one of the regulated professions, one must have knowledge of the German language at B2 level and have this ability documented through exams recognized by the German government such as Telc, ÖSD, Goethe, TestDAF.

If you want to work as a nurse in Germany, you must go through the recognition process of the diploma you received in Turkey in Germany. To complete this process, you must apply to the authorized institutions in Germany. Germany nurse recruitment conditions can be summarized in general terms as follows.

3. Germany Nurse Recruitment Expert

Germany Nurse Recruitment Expert

Specialist nursing may also be an issue within the scope of Germany nurse recruitment. To obtain the title of specialist nurse, you must first complete a nursing education. Afterwards, you must gain advanced training and experience in your field of expertise.

To gain competence as a specialist nurse in Germany, one must apply to relevant specialist training programs and meet the necessary requirements. In this process, it is very important to comply with the guidelines of the authorized institutions. After intensive practical training, which usually lasts 1 to 3 years, an exam is taken; If successful, the right to obtain the title of specialist nurse is obtained.

Things to Know about Nurse Recruitment in Germany

Nurse recruitment in Germany is one of the issues that attracts the attention of many nurses and healthcare professionals. If you're interested in this, there are some things you need to know. These can help you during the process and offer some ideas.

For nurses who have graduated from our country and intend to continue the nursing profession in Germany, it is necessary to initially obtain equivalence. After receiving equivalence, nurses can continue their profession in Germany. The procedures that nurses must follow to pursue their profession in Germany are almost identical to those of doctors.

When nurses plan to continue their careers in Western European countries such as Germany or Switzerland, they are also required to receive language training until the equivalence process is completed. In order to work as a nurse in Germany, you need to know German at least at B2 level, and even C1 level may be more advantageous. In this regard, the language issue must be completed in advance to recruit nurses in Germany.

It is also important to know when you should reach this level. You must start German language education from the moment you start making your applications. While waiting for the official procedures to reach a certain stage, learning German at least up to A2 level in Turkey can greatly facilitate the transactions.

If you have A2 level at the time of your visa application, it is usually possible to reach B2 - C1 level within 6 months. Since the education after the A2 level will continue in Germany, you can improve your language knowledge more quickly. As a result, it is possible to reach the desired level in a shorter time.

Married people may also wonder whether they can take their spouse and family to Germany with them when it comes to recruiting nurses in Germany. Once you start working in a healthcare institution in Germany, your spouse and children can also benefit from these rights.


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