From First Date to 30th Anniversary: The Role of ‘Singles’ in a Couple’s Journey


Hello from 2024, Sam Anderson of 1994! Yes, you heard it right – it’s your future self reaching out to you. First things first, I should clarify that I’m using technology that you can’t even imagine right now. Also, I’m older than your parents currently are, with a big beard and a back that constantly reminds me of its existence. The 21st century, honestly, isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s more like trying to dance on shifting sands.

But don’t worry, there are bright spots too: wireless earbuds, new Doritos flavors that will blow your mind, and Weird Al Yankovic is still rocking the music scene. Most importantly, your life has turned out surprisingly well. You didn’t succumb to that thing you feared, and you’re making a living by writing quirky stuff like this. Oh, and guess what? You’re in a wonderful, long-lasting relationship that defies all odds.

Now, let’s talk about the movie that played a crucial role in your love story: “Singles,” the 1992 romantic comedy.

For me, it’s a timeless classic. You’ve just watched it on your first date with Sarah from math class. And here’s the scoop: 30 years from now, you and Sarah will still be together, and “Singles” will hold a special place in your hearts. You’ll mark your 30th dating anniversary by reliving the movie on Valentine’s Day 2024.

As you watch it again, you’ll see it through a new lens – one that reflects on time’s passage and how both the world and yourselves have evolved. What once seemed cool will still hold that charm but with a touch of nostalgia. Rewatching “Singles” with Sarah will feel like renewing your vows in an unofficial yet meaningful way. It’s astounding how a simple, light-hearted comedy has become so pivotal in your life.

These days, “Singles” is often remembered as the quintessential “grunge rom-com.” Filmed amidst Seattle’s rising rock scene in 1991, it perfectly captured the essence of that era. It debuted in 1992, riding the wave of grunge mania with bands like Nirvana dominating the charts. The movie’s scenes in Seattle clubs, featuring live performances by Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, are iconic. Even members of Pearl Jam make cameo appearances. The soundtrack was such a hit that it hit stores before the film hit theaters.

In essence, “Singles” isn’t just a movie; it’s a time capsule of an era that continues to resonate decades later. And for you, Sam Anderson of 1994, it will remain a cherished part of your journey with Sarah and a reminder of the enduring power of love and nostalgia.

These days, “Singles” is remembered mainly as a novelty: the “grunge rom-com.” It was filmed in Seattle in 1991, as the city’s scruffy rock bands drifted, improbably, toward global superfame. And it came out in 1992, with grunge mania in full bloom: Nirvana topping the charts, journalists flocking to Seattle, fashion designers scrambling to put flannel on the runway. “Singles” is to grunge basically as “Saturday Night Fever” is to disco. Scenes take place in Seattle clubs, where Soundgarden and Alice in Chains play live. Members of Pearl Jam are minor characters. The soundtrack is so packed that it was rushed into stores months before the movie reached theaters.

From First Date to 30th Anniversary: The Role of ‘Singles’ in a Couple’s Journey

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