How to Apply for Earthquake Relief in Turkey Easily and Quickly?


Applying for earthquake aid is an easy process for those in need of emergency assistance. Applications are usually made through various organizations. Where to apply for earthquake aid? It is important to learn the steps and requirements to better understand this process and to be able to apply quickly. There is also information about the aid organizations that are important in our own community and their contact details. Read on to learn more about applying for earthquake aid.

What is an earthquake aid application?

An earthquake aid application is a formal application made by earthquake victims to receive support from the government or aid organizations. This application aims to provide financial, physical or psychological support in line with the needs of disaster victims. Earthquake aid applications can be made for issues such as repairing the damage after the earthquake, meeting the need for shelter, and meeting basic needs.

Where to apply for earthquake aid?

An earthquake aid application can be made by applying to the relevant units of aid organizations and following the necessary process.
Earthquake aid can be requested by applying to the official disaster and emergency management organization of the state (AFAD).
After these applications, disaster victims have the opportunity to benefit from assistance and support programs tailored to their needs. Applying for earthquake assistance is an important step in alleviating the hardships of earthquake victims and returning their lives to normal.

How and Where to Apply?

You can follow the steps below to apply for earthquake aid:

Online Application: Most organizations offer online application systems for earthquake aid applications. You can easily apply through the official websites of the organizations. In addition, some aid organizations also accept applications through mobile applications.

Application by Phone: If you do not have access to the internet, you can also apply over the phone by calling the contact numbers of aid organizations. Officials will provide you with the necessary information and take your application. +90 312 258 258 23 23 – Switchboard

On-site Application: In some cases, you may be able to apply in person at specific headquarters or field offices of aid organizations. You can find out about this through the organizations’ official communication channels.

Write SEL, send to 1866: It has been deemed appropriate by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey that the aid to be provided by our citizens will be coordinated by the AFAD Presidency, and you can make your aid online here as well as bank account numbers. or write DEPREM, Send to 1866!

Earthquake aid application procedures are generally quick and easy. By following these steps, you can complete your application to get the help you need. Please note that each organization’s application process and conditions may be different, so it is important to learn the details from the official channels of the organizations. Where to apply for earthquake aid? This is how you can find the answer to the question.

Who Can Apply?

An application for earthquake aid is primarily an application made by earthquake victims in need of assistance. Who can make this application depends on certain criteria. The answer to the question of where to apply for earthquake aid also covers who can apply. Below you can find a general list of people who can apply for earthquake aid:

Citizens who are victims of an earthquake and in need of assistance such as temporary shelter, food and basic necessities

Those whose homes or workplaces were damaged as a result of the earthquake
People who need to be provided with temporary shelter or supplies
Families in need of socio-economic support
People living in the affected areas
In line with these criteria, the answer to the question of where to apply for earthquake aid shows that earthquake victims, as well as people in need of economic, social and housing support, can apply.

What are the Documents Required for Application?

It is important to prepare the necessary documents when applying for earthquake aid. Knowing which documents are required can speed up and facilitate the application. The following documents are required for the earthquake aid application:

Identity Document: Identity document such as identity card, driver’s license or passport.
Address Details: A utility bill (electricity, water, natural gas) or proof of residence that verifies your last address.

Proof of Family Status: Documents showing your family status, if applicable.
Income Declaration: Documents showing your income, payslip or income tax return.
Damage Assessment Report: If available, a report showing the damage to the residence or workplace.
In addition to these documents, there may be additional documents requested by the organization you will apply to. Submitting the documents completely and accurately will ensure that the application is evaluated quickly.

Where to apply for earthquake aid? After preparing the necessary documents, you can submit your application to the relevant organization or to the application points determined by the state.

How Does the Application Process Proceed?

After applying for earthquake aid, the process usually includes the following steps:

Application Review and Evaluation: Your application is reviewed and evaluated by aid organizations. At this stage, it is important that the application is complete and accurate.

Home Visit or Phone Call: You may be contacted about the details of your application. In some cases, aid agencies may conduct a home visit or a telephone interview.

Approval or Refusal of Assistance: After your application is reviewed, it may be approved or rejected by aid agencies. In case of approval, the aid process will continue, while in case of rejection, you will be notified with justification.

Distribution of Aid: For approved applications, aid is distributed in the process determined by the aid organizations.

Necessary Follow-up: If there are steps you need to follow at any stage in the post-application process, you will be notified and it is important that you follow these steps.

It is an important step to have all the necessary information for the application process to proceed quickly and effectively.

These steps are the general process steps you may encounter in the process of where to apply for Earthquake Aid.

What are the Aids that can be Obtained?

Where to apply for earthquake aid? The most common aids received by individuals affected by the earthquake are as follows:

Material Assistance
Temporary shelter assistance
Food aid
Clothing aid
Psychological Support Services:
Psychological Support
Post-traumatic assistance
Consulting services
Physical Assistance
Medical supplies and assistance
Physical therapy and rehabilitation support
Education Grants
Education materials support
Education scholarships
In addition to this assistance, other support and services are available for affected individuals. Where to apply for earthquake aid?

You can apply to the relevant organizations to benefit from this assistance. Remember, there may be set procedures and criteria for each aid request. Therefore, it is useful to check the requirements before applying.

What are the Steps to Follow After Application?

There are some steps you need to follow after applying for earthquake aid. You can check the status of your application by following these steps. Here are the points you should pay attention to:

Check Your Application: To track the status of your application, you can use the official website or call center of the relevant organization to check whether your application has been approved or at what stage it is.

Follow the Information Messages: Organizations usually send information messages about the application status. Therefore, do not forget to check your phone or email regularly.

Keep the Necessary Documents: It is important to keep the documents you provided during your application. You may need them again in case your application is approved.

By following these steps, you can keep the process of your earthquake aid application under control and intervene quickly when necessary. It is very important to follow these steps after getting the answer to the question of where to apply for earthquake aid.

Aid Organizations and Contact Information

Where to apply for earthquake aid? It is very important how earthquake victims can reach aid organizations. Here are details about aid organizations and their contact information:

Turkish Red Crescent: Turkish Red Crescent is an important organization that carries out aid activities in emergencies and disasters. You can apply for earthquake aid through Kızılay (Support Line: 168)
AFAD Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency is the organization that acts in coordination with the state in disaster situations. You can find AFAD’s contact information on its official website.

Municipalities: You can contact local municipalities for earthquake assistance. Municipalities provide the necessary assistance to support citizens in disaster situations.

These organizations are the appropriate points of contact for your aid applications in disaster situations. You can contact these organizations to find the answer to the question of where to apply for earthquake aid. Remember, it is important to check the current contact information of official organizations as contact information is constantly updated in disaster situations.

Important Reminders and Tips

There are some important reminders to consider when applying for earthquake aid. These tips will help you complete your application quickly and accurately.

Reliable Sources: Use government websites or verified sources of information for the application process.
Accurate and Complete Information: Providing accurate and complete information when filling out the application form will ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Preparation of Required Documents: You can speed up the process by preparing the necessary documents for the application in advance.

Steps to Follow: Do not forget to follow the status of your application regularly. Make a note of your contact information so that you can easily get in touch when necessary.

By taking these reminders into account, you can complete the earthquake aid application process more easily and efficiently. Remember, accurate and timely applications will provide fast support to those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can earthquake victims apply for aid?
Earthquake victims can apply for aid online via AFAD’s official website. They can also apply by calling the AFAD Contact Center at 156. They can also apply to local government units for information on donations and aid campaigns.

Which documents are required for aid application?
The documents required to apply for aid include an identity card, a certificate of residence to identify the addresses of earthquake victims, documents proving that they are earthquake victims and social security documents. In addition, other documents requested by AFAD must also be submitted during the application.

When are the results of the aid application announced?
The results of the aid application are reviewed and evaluated within a certain period of time from the date of application. Application results are usually announced within 1-2 weeks and applicants are informed by phone or SMS.

What should be considered when applying for aid?
It is important that earthquake victims provide accurate and complete personal and contact information when applying for assistance. In addition, the documents requested during the application must be submitted completely and accurately. Providing incorrect or incomplete information may cause the application to be rejected.


How to Apply for Earthquake Relief in Turkey Easily and Quickly?

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