Data Policy

Data Policy – In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“KVKK”), as (“”), we take utmost care in the security of your personal data. We would like to inform you within the scope of KVKK.

Regarding your personal data

According to KVKK, “any information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person” is personal data. In this context, in order to provide you with better service, to carry out statistical studies, and to carry out our advertising and marketing activities, but not limited to this list; Directly or indirectly identified with your personality as a user, including your name, surname, gender, date of birth and place of birth, phone number, picture, video and voice recording, IP address, e-mail address, and information about that channel if connected via social media accounts. All kinds of your personal information will be stored by us as personal data within the scope of KVKK.

Regarding who your personal data will be shared with

Your collected personal data; To enable you to benefit from the products and services offered by and its directly or indirectly affiliated group companies, to know our customers and audiences, to understand your preferences and usage habits in the areas we operate, to conduct research and information regarding this, to shape our marketing and advertising activities, to develop our company strategy. It may be transferred to our business partners, suppliers, group companies, shareholders, legally authorized public institutions and private individuals for the purposes of ensuring the execution of's human resources policies, within the framework of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the KVK Law.

Regarding the method and legal reason for collecting your personal data

Your Personal Data is collected through the declarations and approvals you give through all kinds of written, oral or electronic media and is processed in accordance with the conditions listed in Articles 5 and 6 of the KVKK.

Regarding your rights regarding your Personal Data

In accordance with Article 11 of the KVKK, by applying through the website

Learning whether personal data is processed or not,

Requesting information if personal data has been processed,

Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used for their intended purpose,

Knowing the third parties to whom personal data is transferred at home or abroad,

Requesting correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed

Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated by KVKK,

In cases of requesting correction or deletion of personal data, requesting that the actions taken be notified to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred,

Object to the emergence of an unfavorable result by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems,

In case of damage due to personal data being processed unlawfully, you have the right to request compensation for the damage.

Regarding the use of cookies

Cookies are identification files that are installed by your internet browser when you visit our website or use our mobile application and on the computer or mobile phone, tablet (etc.) on which you use the mobile application. In order to provide you with a better service, we store your navigation information on our site, adhering to these terms of use of your Personal Data; We can share it with third parties. There are two types of cookies: permanent cookies and temporary cookies. A persistent cookie is created when you visit our website and remains stored until its validity period expires. A temporary cookie is created when you visit our website and remains active throughout the time you spend on our website and then expires.

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can change your cookie usage preferences in the settings section of your browser. Cookie management settings vary from browser to browser, and detailed information about cookies is available under the help menus of modern browsers.

Communication consent text regarding personal data

Along with this text, the name, surname, age, gender, marital status, region of residence, education level, interests, habits-preferences, tastes and likes regarding all kinds of written and visual media, invoice contents, mobile phone number, which you have shared, Collecting your personal information such as e-mail, IP address and residence address information and credit card information; your personal information; In order to provide you with various advantages, to send all kinds of communication messages for sales, marketing and similar purposes, and to create statistical information; Procurement by automatic/non-automatic methods, taking over, recording in written/magnetic archives at home and abroad for a specified period of time, without exceeding the legal maximum periods, storage, preservation, making available, use, updating, changing, combining, rearranging, classifying, disclosing. , may be subject to sharing, transfer (inside or outside the country), transfer and other processing and for the same purposes; You also give permission for it to be shared with all

This personal data may be used to inform you for sales and marketing purposes, to ensure that your possible shipments are delivered in a healthy manner, to ensure that our notifications and products are delivered on time via telephone, SMS and/or e-mail, cargo, in cases where it is required or mandatory for legitimate interests, provided that it does not harm personal rights and freedoms. It will be shared with third parties/institutions for the purpose of complying with the relevant legislation. If required by law, your permission may also be requested for some applications. With your application to, your personal data may be deleted, destroyed or anonymized upon your request. Your requests for this application will be fulfilled within the legal maximum period.


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