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newstimesturkey.com User and Privacy Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”), newstimesturkey.com (hereinafter referred to as “newstimesturkey.com”) and https://newstimesturkey.com (hereinafter referred to as “newstimesturkey.com”). It is concluded between internet users who will become members or visit newstimesturkey.com (hereinafter referred to as "User").

newstimesturkey.com; It is a press organization that publishes news, articles and multimedia to its users through the website newstimesturkey.com, shares city guide services with its users, and provides an electronic environment where its members can write comments and hold discussions.

The user is deemed to have accepted this agreement by becoming a member or visiting newstimesturkey.com.

While visiting newstimesturkey.com, the user undertakes to comply with this agreement, all other terms of use published or to be published by newstimesturkey.com, and the legislation of the Republic of Turkey. Otherwise; All legal and criminal liability will belong to the User.

To use the various registration options offered on the GBiD (Global Press ID) page, which is opened with the "Sign In" link on the homepage, so that the User can add content to newstimesturkey.com, comment on the contents under his/her own account, follow other members, and add certain contents to favorites. by; You must become a member of newstimesturkey.com by entering your e-mail address, username, name, surname, password and other requested data or by logging in with your Facebook account.

The membership account must not contain any unlawful data. You cannot pretend to be someone else, use a name belonging to any individual without permission, or create an offensive username that will provoke people.

The user is obliged to provide accurate and complete information for his membership account and to keep this information constantly updated.

If the user becomes a member of newstimesturkey.com with a Facebook account, he/she is deemed to have given newstimesturkey.com the opportunity to access the information contained in the Facebook profile of newstimesturkey.com and transmitted to the user by Facebook when registering. The user can adjust which information will be accessible in the privacy settings in his Facebook account.

The user can close the membership account registered at newstimesturkey.com by clicking the "Delete My Membership" button in the profile settings.

The user irrevocably accepts that newstimesturkey.com administrators may terminate memberships, close the membership account temporarily or permanently, delete the information in the membership account at any time without citing any reason, and that he cannot make any requests in such a case.

It is forbidden to send messages or upload content that disturbs members, threatens, harasses or insults the public or private message areas on newstimesturkey.com. Members who act contrary to this prohibition may be expelled from membership after their situation is reviewed.

The information, data, text, photographs, videos, audio clips, comments, articles, software, codes and graphics available on newstimesturkey.com will be briefly referred to as "content"; These contents can be entered at newstimesturkey.com by members as well as by newstimesturkey.com editors.

Content uploaded to newstimesturkey.com must be accurate and up-to-date. Any content added, uploaded or created by the User, whether shared privately or openly to all users, is entirely the User's responsibility for the accuracy, up-to-dateness of this content and whether it complies with the applicable legislation.

newstimesturkey.com has the right to reject, delay, publish late or not publish the content, e-mail or any message on its pages received from the User without giving any reason.

Other than using the services offered at newstimesturkey.com, it is prohibited to use, imitate, modify, distribute or store the contents of newstimesturkey.com for any other purposes. The user cannot sell the content on newstimesturkey.com, cannot exploit it for purposes such as advertising, or use it in a way that would harm the rights of third parties.

The publishing rights of any content published on newstimesturkey.com by third parties cannot be used or published in any medium without permission from the content owner.

The user undertakes that the content he/she enters on newstimesturkey.com will not contain any defamatory, deceptive elements, pornographic, immoral photographs, insults, violence, racism, discrimination or illegality that would harm the personal rights of third parties.

newstimesturkey.com may charge certain areas or categories of newstimesturkey.com and some services used and may determine these fees unilaterally.

Members of newstimesturkey.com are solely responsible for all actions they take with their membership account, all content they upload, and all content and actions related to their membership account, even if their membership ends.

newstimesturkey.com will pay utmost attention to the security of membership accounts. However, the security of the information registered in the membership account and the account password is the responsibility of the User. The user should never share information regarding the membership account with third parties. If a situation beyond the User's control occurs in the membership account, newstimesturkey.com should be contacted immediately. Any malicious use, including the capture of the User's membership account password by third parties and the provision of unlawful content by third parties, is the responsibility of the User; Any legal and criminal liability arising from malicious use belongs to the User.

The user cannot take any action that will prevent or make it difficult for other users and members to use the newstimesturkey.com address or disrupt or render inoperable the databases or servers, damage any software, hardware or communication elements, use software or other computer code containing viruses, cannot create files, cannot attempt to access any unauthorized system, data or password, cannot directly or indirectly decipher the algorithms and codes in the services provided or engage in behavior that will disrupt their functions, cannot change, convert or translate the contents, cannot publish them on other sites without citing them, cannot contain legally prohibited information. cannot distribute content that may harm third parties, such as messages, chain mail, software viruses, or send programs and/or information that will damage the information or software on other users' computers, or that may be unlawful or damage the newstimesturkey.com and newstimesturkey.com websites. cannot behave. Otherwise; newstimesturkey.com reserves the right to initiate all legal and criminal proceedings and make requests.

newstimesturkey.com will be liable to newstimesturkey.com if the User acts contrary to this Agreement, if the information provided while using or signing up to newstimesturkey.com is incorrect or untrue, if the User uses the services provided in bad faith, or if newstimesturkey.com deems it necessary. may prevent the user from using his/her address or terminate his/her membership without giving any reason.

All intellectual and industrial property rights regarding all content on newstimesturkey.com, including photographs, recipes, methods, codes, programs, operational designs, logos, pictures and texts, belong to the newstimesturkey.com website or newstimesturkey.com. Licenses have been obtained from the rights holders in accordance with the law regarding their use. Therefore; The contents in question cannot be used, published, processed, reproduced, disseminated, utilized through representation, or transmitted to the public by means of sign, sound and/or image transmission without permission. Otherwise; newstimesturkey.com reserves the right to initiate all legal and criminal proceedings and make requests.

Apart from the personal use of all photographs, recipes, methods, codes, programs, processes and images, all financial rights of which are stated to belong to the website newstimesturkey.com, including copying, processing and internet, as well as radio-television, satellite and cable channels. Its content cannot be broadcast through wire or wireless broadcasting organizations or by any means used to transmit signals, sound and/or images, including but not limited to digital transmission.

Quoting the content on newstimesturkey.com is possible, provided that it remains within reasonable limits and that the source is cited and a link to our site is provided for the relevant content. The reasonable limit consists of a simple summary of the work or other content and should be at a level that does not eliminate the need to visit newstimesturkey.com to become familiar with the content. In any case, quoting the entire contents of the newstimesturkey.com website is not possible without written permission, even if the above conditions are complied with. The provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works regarding the subject are reserved.

In terms of content for which the User does not have the right to publish, the User must provide content in accordance with the procedure in the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and with attribution; Otherwise, the User is obliged to compensate for all direct and indirect, material and moral damages that the newstimesturkey.com website has suffered or may suffer.

Although newstimesturkey.com makes every effort to ensure that the newstimesturkey.com website does not contain harmful content, it is responsible for any damages (including but not limited to the User's computer or newstimesturkey.com website is not responsible for any damage to its programs); Therefore no claims can be made. The user is obliged to take the necessary precautions to avoid the aforementioned damages.

newstimesturkey.com may change the structure of newstimesturkey.com website services and/or terminate the services or some of their features temporarily or permanently at any time without prior notice to the User.

Although newstimesturkey.com attaches importance to the continuity of the publication of the content, services, facilities and other elements on the newstimesturkey.com website, it does not guarantee that the publication and/or the services offered through newstimesturkey.com will be uninterrupted. In such a case, there is no responsibility.

newstimesturkey.com is not responsible for any data loss that may occur due to the fault of third parties or organizations from which the website receives service; The responsibility for re-entering lost information and data belongs to the User. Therefore; It is recommended that the User takes his/her own precautions to protect his/her data.

Some of the information provided by the User is mandatory information (such as e-mail addresses, IP information), and some is information that the User gives or consents to access based on his/her preference. In order to provide better service to its users, newstimesturkey.com may keep this information for as long as it wishes, even if the information is deleted by you. However, it will not store IP information beyond its legal period.

Although newstimesturkey.com takes utmost care in storing the User's information, newstimesturkey.com website is not responsible if your information is obtained, changed or deleted by unauthorized entry into the system containing User data stored by newstimesturkey.com, disruption or modification of the functioning of the system. . Whenever the user visits newstimesturkey.com, IP address, operating system, browser used (Explorer, Chrome, etc.), connection time, duration information and similar information are automatically recorded; It is possible for newstimesturkey.com to associate this information with your personal information or use it anonymously, provided that this information obtained without the User's permission is not shared with third parties.

newstimesturkey.com will forward the User information to the relevant authorities in case of a proper request from the official authorities.

While the user visits newstimesturkey.com, newstimesturkey.com may place cookies, also called "cookies", or javascript codes or similar tracking data for the purpose of analyzing site usage data on your computer. Cookies consist of simple text files and do not contain identity or other private information. Although they do not contain such personal information, session information and similar data are stored and can be used to recognize the User again.

From time to time, newstimesturkey.com may include information and links to third party websites in its newstimesturkey.com address, promotional mailings or advertisements. If the User clicks on these links and enters other websites, those sites or the applications of these sites are not under the control of the newstimesturkey.com website, and this Agreement does not apply to these other sites that can be accessed. newstimesturkey.com does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in these sites and their applications. newstimesturkey.com website has no responsibility regarding the accuracy, use of information, privacy policies and content of the information contained on these sites.

If the user wants to be informed about the innovations on the newstimesturkey.com website and other advertisements and announcements, he can sign up for the e-mail list. To unsubscribe from the e-mail sending list, the User simply needs to make the necessary settings from the settings menu.

Turkish Law will be applied in resolving any disputes that may arise from the implementation of this Agreement; Ankara Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized.

In disputes that may arise from this Agreement, the Parties declare that newstimesturkey.com's books and records and computer records (e-mail correspondence, internet traffic information and access records[log] and similar) are valid and binding within the meaning of Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure No. 6100. , accept, declare and undertake that it will constitute definitive and exclusive evidence and that this article is in the nature of an Evidence Agreement.

Notifications sent by the parties to each other will be sent to the address and/or e-mail address provided by the User on the newstimesturkey.com website and to the address and/or e-mail address specified by newstimesturkey.com in the Agreement. Notifications to be made to the address and e-mail addresses provided by the User and to the address and e-mail addresses stated in this Agreement will have all legal consequences of the valid notification.

If any clause of this Agreement becomes invalid or unenforceable, it will not invalidate the other clauses of the Agreement.

If the Parties do not exercise their rights arising from this Agreement, partially or completely, or act contrary to them, this will not mean that they have waived these rights in any way.

This Agreement may be edited and updated as new features are added to the newstimesturkey.com website or new suggestions come from newstimesturkey.com Users, without any prior notice to the Users. For this reason, it is recommended that the User review this Agreement every time he visits the newstimesturkey.com website.

Notification Addresses The address provided by the User on the newstimesturkey.com website is considered the legal address for all notifications to be made regarding this agreement. The parties agree that, unless they notify the other party in writing of changes in their current addresses within 3 (three) days, notifications to be made to the old addresses will be valid and will be deemed to have been made to them. Due to this agreement, any notification made by the User using the registered e-mail address on the newstimesturkey.com website will be valid and will be deemed to be received by the User 1 (one) day after the e-mail is sent by newstimesturkey.com. The User declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she has read, understood and accepted all of the articles in this participation agreement and confirms the accuracy of the information provided about him/her.


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